TB Heroes Award--New England

TB Heroes Award -- New England


The New England TB Heroes Award is presented annually by the New England Tuberculosis Consortium to recognize an extraordinary contribution to the care or management of patients with TB and LTBI or an activity that greatly enhanced the TB prevention and control efforts of a local or state TB program.  The individual recognized may be a member of the TB program, the health department, a community or hospital practice, or the larger community.  He or she may or may not be a health care professional. The nomination form and submission deadline for the 2012 award is May 1.


Nomination form for 2012 TB Heroes award

Article about the New England TB Heroes Award from TB Notes 2008, vol. 4

Past receiptients of the New England TB Heroes award


TB heroes award

Presentation of the 2008 New England TB Heroes Award at the Northeastern TB Controllers Conference in NYC